The art of photography is a kind of expression as much as impression. It is a way to gaining insights into yourself and making sense of the world. I have been taking photographs for quite a while. Yet my sense of self and how I connect to the world remains incomplete. It is an ongoing exploration.

My work is influenced by photographers such as A. Kertész, D. Lange, H. Cartier-Bresson, O. Steinert, R. Frank, and D. Arbus and other representatives of modern photography. Over the years I have been using all sorts of cameras and techniques. After not having entered a dark room for two decades I returned to film photography lately and now blend analog technology with a scent of bits and bytes. Most of my recent work is based on black and white film and negative scans using moderate post processing.

andreas georg

PS: This website is still under construction. If you can’t wait and want to see more of my photographs you can visit me on flickr.com

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